In a time when our community and country need businesses and individuals to step up and show our law enforcement community how valuable and appreciative they are for everything they do to protect them on a daily basis…AZLEOS has found our inaugural Blue Spotlight recognition businessPaul’s Ace Hardware Stores in Arizona.

We are so proud to announce that PAUL’s ACE Hardware  stores in Arizona will indefinitely be offering all blue light bulbs at 20% off so the community can purchase them and put them outside their houses and businesses to let your law enforcement officers know they are supported.  Can you imagine driving through your community and visually seeing how many people support them?

Many thanks to the owner of Paul’s Ace Hardware, Julie Barchiwski and to Genevieve Cruz who put the plan into motion!

Visit any PAUL’s ACE Hardware store in Scottsdale, Fountain Hills,  Tempe or Gilbert and you will receive 20% off any blue bulbs!

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