Community Policing through Community Education

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Everyone has heard “Education is Power,” but Education is also one of the most powerful crime prevention and reduction tools available.

This program will bring small groups of at-risk kids to a local Community College where they’ll be hosted by a Police Officer.  The kids will learn that not only is higher education attainable, but that there are many ways to get there and pay for it.  Once they understand this then they’re able to set the now realistic goal of going to college they can then begin to set micro-goals within their Middle School and High School educational path that will take them to college.

At the same time their host Police Officer will talk to them about choosing a career in the Criminal Justice field and the educational and life goals they need to set to attain it.  Also, throughout the day as the kids get to know their host Officer and feel comfortable they will have the opportunity to ask their Police Officer any question they want.  In today’s world it’s important for kids to know the person in the uniform.

At the conclusion of the day our goal is to take the “scariness” out of going to College and talking to the Police.  Kids will not only know that they can go to College, but that they can go to College and go on to be part of the Criminal Justice system.