AZLEOS Arizona Gang Out

Arizona GANG OUT –  Experts know that a city can’t “arrest” its way out of a gang problem and yet there are few programs that deal with the root causes. The unfortunate truth is that when a parent asks law enforcement, “how do I get my kid out of a gang?” Or when a gang member tired of the gang lifestyle asks, “how do I get out of the gang?” The answer is most commonly “move” to another area away from the gang.

Arizona Gang Out is designed to answer those questions with a multi-disciplinary approach. Arizona Gang Out goal is to bring together; Non-profits, Law Enforcement, Probation, Parole, Mentors, Job Counselors, Addiction Specialists and Educators to provide an individualized support system for gang members that want Out.

A second benefit to the program is the overall weakening of gangs. Every gang member that Arizona Gang Out can help leave the gang shows other gang members that it’s possible to leave. It also shows younger prospective members that if older members are leaving then the gang lifestyle must not be as special as they’ve been told. Every success of Arizona Gang Out will weaken the retention and recruitment of gang membership and a gang can’t exist without members.